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1.What can I build on my property?

It is important to know what you can build on your site before you decide what you want to build. some property's will be allowed to build a two storey rear extension under permitted development law.

2.Your design, concept, brief.

once you know what you can build the design work can begin. space separation and uses, light and interior design, are all things to be considered. This may sound complicated or seem more trouble than its worth but a well designed extension will make the difference between a extension that works well and one that doesn't. We will cover the above and concepts to assist your design maximise your space on our site survey.

1 Single storey extension Plans 2 Side and rear extension extension Plans 3 Double storey extension Plans

3.Use what will you be using your new space for?

I need an extension for a:

lager kitchen and dinning area

we suggest a Single storey extension

additional bedroom for a growing family

we suggest a Double storey extension or a Loft conversion

entertainment areas

we suggest a Single storey side and rear extension

utility area

we suggest a Single storey extension

We will design your extension with your needs in mind, we can advise and suggest design ideas and solutions. with planning laws relaxed your extension can allow more flexibility with your design. with our full plans package we  will submit both your planning and building regulation applications, we include structural steel / timber calculations in prices quoted. contact us today or request a call to discuss your ideas or get a quote on 0207 503 0360


Most houses can be Extended, adding an extension to your house is obviously dependent on whether or not you have the available land adjacent to your property. If it is available an extension may be a more viable option compared to moving house, especially in areas where the difference in price of a house compared to the next size up is a daunting prospect. you have the advantage that you don't need to move, and therefore, you are not dependent on selling your property and finding a new one that suits your needs. find out online whether or not your property is able to be extended