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Change of use Class

Flat ConversionsIf you have the space your home may have the potential to be split into self contained units (flats) without to much cost. any building lager than 120 Sqm may be suitable for conversion to flats a well designed conversion will allow you to make the most out existing space with out the need for additions talk to us and we will give you free and impartial advice.

Flat Layout
ensure, where possible, that similar rooms are located above and below each other in a “stacked” layout, i.e. kitchens above and below kitchens, bedrooms above and below bedrooms.
Where possible layouts should be designed to avoid overlooking of neighbours' gardens/private spaces.
Where pipework cannot be accommodated internally, layouts should be designed so that bathrooms are located to the rear of the property in order to avoid new waste pipes and drains running down front elevations.
You will need full planning and building regulation approval for this type of conversion contact us for advice or a quote on 0207 503 0360 or visit here more info .... if your property falls below 120sqm you may apply for a house of multiple occupancy

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